Endless Shadow

feature length documentary

original title: Végtelen árnyék

director: Gergő Somogyvári
co-director: Nick Thorpe
script: Gergő Somogyvári
producer: Sára László, Marcell Gerő
director of photography: Gergő Somogyvári

CATEGORIES: In production, Documentary

Almost a quarter of a century after the Iron Curtain came down, walls are going up again in Europe and around the world. The human race is building barriers at a rate perhaps unequalled in history.

What kinds of dangers generate and support today’s border walls? What kind of freedom is freedom enclosed by concrete and barbed wire?

To these universally relevant questions, Endless Shadow aims to identify possible answers from a global perspective. Through the personal micro stories collected along the world’s most iconic walls (e.g. America-Mexican border, Israeli Palestinian Walls, Cyprus Wall, Peace Walls in Northern Ireland, South Africa - Kruger National Park, Melilla Spanish Enclave, wall between India and Bangladesh, Greek-Turkish border wall etc.) we intend to explore stories of every-day life set against a backdrop of barriers. We wish to place the micro stories collected into a personally experienced historical framework that will divide the film into three larger units and encompass the past twenty-five years, from the dismantling of the Iron Curtain to the erection of the new European border walls.

Hungarian National Film Fund - support for screenplay
Creative Europe MEDIA Sub-program, Support for single project development
FilmJUS Foundation - support for script development

The project participated at:
BIDF Goulash - 2016 pitch, Budapest, Hungary
Verzio DocLab workshop 2017, Budapest


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