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feature length fiction

original title: Természetes fény

director: Dénes Nagy
script: Dénes Nagy (based on the novel "Természetes fény" by Pál Závada)
​producer: Sára László, Marcell Gerő
co-producer: Olivier Dubois, NOVAK Prod (Belgium)

CATEGORIES: In production, Fiction

Set in the woodlands around Briansk, Russia, in April 1943, the movie covers a week's events on a territory invaded by the German army and their Hungarian allies. The protagonist is sub-lieutenant István Semetka, a tired man of about 35, who arrives at the scene as part of a Hungarian partisan chasing unit. Their task is the annihilation of partisans and their sympathizers in the area. Marching on a mainly inaccessible, swampy terrain, they are in constant fear of the invisible enemy. 

In a contemplative tone, the movie introduces us to the crimes committed by the Hungarian soldiers against the Russian population and the torment of their victims. The movie focuses on the plight of the tortured, the elemental force of the impenetrable nature and the constant fear from the enemy lurking both out there and within.

The plot carries on through the personal perspective of Semetka. We can see him for what he truly is, a weak and uncertain man who will be given the moment to rise above himself, to be strong, resolute and sure of what he has to do.

Hungarian National Film Fund - support for screenplay
Creative Europe MEDIA Sub-program, Support for single project development

The project participated at the Torino Film Lab AdaptLab 2016 program.


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