Did you know? 26th Vilnius International Film Festival 2021 Holds Screening in Hotels ➡ www.filmneweurope.com

The 26th Vilnius International Film Festival will take place 18 March – 24 April 2021 in the Lithuanian capital‘s six top hotels, complete with red carpets and step-and-repeat marketing boards. Hundreds of hotel rooms will turn into screening rooms, where all the festival films will be available through the television.

The film Natural Light included in the "European Debut" competition program is making its debut to the Lithuanian public today. The online screenings of the festival can only be viewed from Lithuania with English and Lithuanian subtitles. Spread the news to relatives and friends living in Lithuania, it is not late to book a room, yet. 

Tickets and information about the online screening ➡ www.kinopavasaris.lt